Monday, May 9, 2011

School's OUT !! for the week.... :(

I'll find out my Soc 101 grade hopefully by this Friday. I'm expecting....probably... and A- at worst. At best, a regular A would make me happy. The only grade I got back was the midterm which was a high A so i'm hoping she liked my paper and my final....ugh the anticipation kills me sometimes... i hope i got an A of some sort!!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to meet with the academic councillor at Jefferson. I'm so damn nervous about applying for school, and i sadly realized that i have twice as many classes to take before graduating that i thought i had to take, so now i'm pretty bummed. It might take me another 4 years to finish unless i really take the reins and buckle down and take 3 classes a semester. ughhh. two was bad enuff. stressing.

Boss is out this week, i'm doing her job. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . i know i know i digress. its what i freaking do when i ramble on.

anyhow, gotta dip. dip into bed, into slumber ...hopefully that lasts longer than 2 hrs at a pop. well ttyl when i have more details about the college plans....and the work week