Thursday, May 10, 2012

um....I believe this is Arnold S. with no teeth in his mouth. As disturbing as this is, I've got one better for you.
My friend X is separated from her husband and is currently dating. She goes on the website Plenty of Fish (been there, ugh, done that) to meet potential dates.
She met up with a guy approx 42 years old; divorced, nice-looking guy. Date #1, relatively successful. There were some things he told her that I wouldnt necessarily tell someone on a first date, but hey, she's like a confessional, whatever. She talks to him some more and he asks for date #2.
Now, here's the scene: he shows up, acting a little extra quiet, doesnt eat, then tries to kiss her goodnite later on and DOESNT HAVE HIS FALSE TEETH IN!!!
lmfao!!!! who does that ?????
Apparently he told her he had false teeth on the first date. happens. She can overlook that, but not wearing them on the 2nd date?? and then you have the gall to lean in for a kiss? FUCK THAT!
Needless to say, she lost his number.
What would you have done????

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