Monday, April 16, 2012

Does anyone remember when we all used this? Does anyone remember AOL Journals? I had one, and to have one meant you had a community. I made many friends that I followed onto Myspace (remember that?) and on to Facebook.  It's been over ten years I think since I started my AOL journal and then one day, they were gone. Supposedly we were warned that the journals were being deleted, but I didnt know! I think the least they could've done was to ask for email verification that your account was going to be deleted OR they couldve emailed your entire blog as an attachment to whatever email account you opened it with!
All those thoughts, secrets made public, memories, gone... THOSE FUCKERS! 
Now that I got that out of my system, I am feeling quite lonely in this new blogosphere. Noone comments like back in the old days, and we're all spread out under different blog spots, so i'm not too happy. Before, I had all my favorite blogs right there in one spot to click onto. Now I don't know quite how to use this one as far as adding favorites that don't belong to blogger. Maybe I just havent organized, but I don't have all my bloggers together like I used to, and I miss that. A lot.
In more important matters, I'm having family problems with my mother. She has vascular dementia and she's been sent to a "home" to "convalesce", however, all she seems to be doing is harrassing their staff and now their other residents.  Seems to me they could be just not wanting to watch after a "difficult" patient, but she definitely has them riled up.  She got sent 2 times to the ER because they couldn't handle her and wanted her to be evaluated. But the ER psych doctor called me and said she is not exhibiting violent or suicidal or bizarre behavior, so they cannot 302 her or force her to do anything; they could only send her back to the home. Then the doctor called me back and said the nursing staff didnt want to readmit her back to the home because they're afraid she'll do the same shit she did earlier -- delusions, hallucinations and paranoias, aggressive behavior (pulled someone's hair/knocked something over/threatened to him someone) and imagining people were out to get her....its so sad, because i'm trying to tell these people...this ISNT my mom never had psychiatric's the dementia ... and it will come and go and they cannot keep throwing her to the ER when they are at their wits end! The psych dr said it sounded like they were "dumping" her at the ER because they couldnt or didnt know how to handle her behavior and that they should 302 her to a psych unit if they feel she is that out of control. But, they don't want to have to 302 her because then they would have to appear in court with their documents and would have to validate their decision. So instead they have my mom like a goddamn ping pong ball, and it's GOT to stop.
I have to call their social worker to talk to him tomorrow and see how her behavior is. The night nurse, DOTTIE.... i hope my mom DOES rip her bloody hair out that bitch. hehehehe Hows THAT for positive thinking??
more later...

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