Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey, Wait! I got a new complaint.....

Cyclists of Philadelphia: this is not China. We do not want your goddamn bike lanes clogging up the traffic. We don't want you bobbing and weaving in-between cars and lanes. We don't want your blood on our tires or windshields.

Why oh why can't they ride on the pavements? Which is worse--a pedaled down pedestrian, or a driven-over cyclist? You choose. Choose wisely.

P.S. Dear cyclist: do NOT under ANY circumstances bike on streets without a bike lane. If you're gonna do that anyway, I'm going to either A: picket city hall to do away with your fucking lanes or B: run you the hell over.

Here's an idea: walk, bus, or drive. Leave the bikes for the countryside or park.

My GOD i hate cyclists, especially before I've had my morning coffee. Get the hell out of the road!!!

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